• The angler and friend
    The angler and friend Sold
  • A spanner in the works
    A spanner in the works Sold
  • Making a splash
    Making a splash Hand cut watercolour paper over acrylics. For sale through the EDS Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Safety first
    Safety first Handbuilt ceramic & mixed media. For sale through the EDS Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Spare tyres
    Spare tyres Sold
  • Road race
    Road race Sold
  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow Sold
  • Eve
    Eve Sold
  • Bad shot
    Bad shot Sold
  • Blues in the night
    Blues in the night Sold
  • Friends share
    Friends share Sold
  • Cellist
    Cellist Sold
  • Tasty bite
    Tasty bite Sold
  • Just hanging around
    Just hanging around Sold
  • Gardener and friends
    Gardener and friends Sold
  • Going for gold
    Going for gold Sold
  • Cloud watching
    Cloud watching Sold
  • Lost in music
    Lost in music Sold
  • Highlanders (various)
    Highlanders (various) Sold
  • Off piste
    Off piste Sold
  • Ghillie
    Ghillie Sold
  • Snow patrol
    Snow patrol Sold
  • Shepherd & sheep
    Shepherd & sheep Sold
  • Golfers (various)
    Golfers (various) Sold
  • Singer
    Singer Sold