• Hey diddle-diddle
    Hey diddle-diddle Sold
  • Feline friends
    Feline friends Handcut watercolour paper over acrylics. For sale through the EDS Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Boxing hare
    Boxing hare Sold
  • Hamish
    Hamish Hand cut watercolour paper and acrylics. For sale through Artisan&, Aberfeldy.
  • Hare bottle toppers (various)
    Hare bottle toppers (various) Sold
  • Dark pond
    Dark pond Sold
  • Ice floe passenger
    Ice floe passenger Sold
  • Long horns and wavy coats
    Long horns and wavy coats Sold
  • Rhino bottle topper
    Rhino bottle topper Sold
  • A majestic family
    A majestic family Sold
  • Elephant bottle topper
    Elephant bottle topper Sold
  • Flushed out
    Flushed out Sold
  • Boxer bottle topper
    Boxer bottle topper Sold
  • The monarch
    The monarch Sold
  • Panther bottle topper
    Panther bottle topper Sold
  • Tufted ears and bushy tails
    Tufted ears and bushy tails Sold
  • Kyloe
    Kyloe Sold